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Helping clients identify and pursue strategic business alternatives and devise strategies to achieve desired outcomes.




Providing comprehensive resources to businesses seeking to raise capital, effect mergers and acquisitions or go public.




Working with clients to package, position and present their companies as exciting investment opportunities.

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Impeccable Service

We provide superior service by thoroughly understanding our client's needs and then delivering actionable solutions.

Uncompromising Quality

In every engagement, we present clients an unrelenting promise to delivering highest quality products and services.

Enduring Commitment

We establish meaningful relationships with our clients so that we can better assist them in meeting their goals.

Points of Distinction

  • Unique combination of innovative strategies and powerful branding capabilities.
  • Holistic set of strategies and solutions that is integrated, efficient and objective-oriented.
  •  We’ve built businesses ourselves and understand real-world considerations.
  • Experienced in developing and launching marketing strategies in many industries.
  •  Access to an extensive network of financial institutions and service providers.
  •  Concise, actionable recommendations based on collected facts and in-depth analyses.
StrategyMarketingM & A

e advise companies, their senior executives and boards of directors on driving shareholder value and growth through effective corporate strategies. We help companies develop their strategic planning process, and assess their business units and other holdings in order to optimally allocate resources.  Based on insights gained through decades of experience, we collaborate with clients to develop strategic plans that improve operations and increase shareholder value. Our corporate strategy service offerings include portfolio strategy development, corporate center role analysis, competency assessments and growth path definition.

A company’s identity and brand are critical in communicating and connecting with current and potential customers and with other constituents such as partners, investors and shareholders. Our corporate branding and financial marketing services focus on establishing identities and brands that support our clients’ long term objectives. From this analysis, we craft an identity and brand positioning statement that explains the ideal manner in which customers and other constituents should view the company. We then create the core deliverables that convey this positioning to constituents.

US First Capital provides high level corporate M&A strategy services for acquisitions, mergers, business sales and divestitures. We advise clients throughout the transaction, from start to finish. Our unique approach to M&A strategy integrates our research, strategy consulting, and investment banking capabilities to develop a merger or acquisition plan that will successfully achieve growth and/or liquidity for your company. The key to a successful merger and acquisition strategy is to have keen sense of the landscape in which your company competes. We leverage our research and strategy capabilities to analyze your industry and competitive landscape and to identify opportunities for attractive business sales, acquisitions, mergers, buy-outs and divestitures.

Innovative. Resourceful.

US First Capital provides highly specialized strategic advisory and capital marketing services to emerging and ‘pre-transaction’ companies. We offer a unique combination of innovative capital market strategies, extensive corporate development expertise, and powerful branding & communications capabilities. We engage on the frontlines to transform vision into reality by developing and conducting focused capital marketing initiatives, managing proactive investor communications and executing successful financing plans. Our holistic approach provides management teams with complete and cost-effective solutions to efficiently attract and access the capital markets.

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What People Say About Us

We wanted to expand our telecommunications company in Istanbul through acquisitions.  USFC helped us identify and conduct the due diligence on several very attractive candidates.  The work they preformed...

- Zafer Arikan, Founder & CEO, Istelia Telecom - Istanbul, Turkey

USFC did an incredible job in helping us sell our company.  They were able to re-cast our financials making the appropriate adjustments to increase our valuation by $11 million....

- Pervez Delawalla, CEO, Net Data Centers - Los Angeles, CA

We engaged US First Capital in order to produce a full corporate identity and financing package.  They produced a great product. We were so happy with their services that...

- Marco Cornia, CEO, Helvetia Com - Geneve, Switzerland

We were looking to finance 390 million Euros for our urban entertainment center. The financing package prepared by US First Capital was one of the best I have ever seen....

- Gilberto Sacrati, Owner, Ripresa, s.r.l. - Bologna, Italy