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About Us

Welcome to US First Capital, LLC

US First Capital provides strategic strategic advisory, investment banking and capital sourcing services to small and medium-sized businesses at every stage of their business development. We have established a captivating framework of services helping client companies develop innovative business strategies, assess their capital needs, determine financing options, and successfully acquire start-up, working or growth capital.

We are dedicated to superior client service by offering deep knowledge of business processes, creative problem solving skills, coupled with an open mind and ease of communication. Our ultimate goal is building enterprise value through identifying proactive ways to lower the cost of capital, increase profitability and improve asset efficiency.

Collaborating with our clients, we deliver reliable and highly customized solutions that are invaluable in forging reasonable strategic and capital decisions. Our ultimate goal is to advance enterprise…worldwide.

Explore Our Services

Our Services

Strategic Advisory

We assist clients in developing creative business and market expansion strategies to secure their competitive advantages.


Financial Marketing

We offer integrated solutions designed to present and position businesses in ways that best attract their targeted audiences.


Capital Sourcing

We draw on relationships with banks, private equity firms, VCs and angel investors to obtain capital for our clients.


We take P.R.I.D.E.

At US First Capital, we take PRIDE in what we do.  We enjoy strong relationships with a powerful network of portfolio managers, investment bankers, analysts, private equity firms, law firms and other service providers.

Drawn from a wide range of related backgrounds, our team is unique in the industry for its combined depth of capital markets knowledge and wealth of experience in numerous industry sectors. We work with our clients to ensure the ideal blend of knowledge, experience and creativity is used to deliver to a consistently high-quality service.

Passion for Success

At US First Capital, we take it personally. We impose our own heightened sense of urgency and importance on our tasks. We employ resourcefulness and creativity to solve problems. We strive to accommodate our clients by listening, understanding, and doing whatever it takes to exceed expectations. We place client interests first, aiming for a level of hyper-service. We adapt to change through our flexibility, and our can-do, positive attitude. In short, we are passionate about delivering outstanding service.

Results from Actions

At US First Capital, we value results as a means of measuring our performance and our value to clients. We stand by our ability to understand requirements, be proactive, take timely action, and demonstrate industry leadership through comparative measures. We rely on results to measure personal, financial and operational growth for us, our partners and associates, and for our clients.

Integrity in Everything we do

Of all of our values, integrity is paramount. It is the foundation of all our business relationships, and is a key factor of our success. Our integrity is evident in our character, our honesty, our reliability, our loyalty, the trust our clients place upon us, our reputation for “being there”, and our technical depth and substance.

Drive to Maximize Value

US First Capital is committed to an aggressive technology program to enhance our services and offer you added value. Our offerings by way of wireless data capture, secure extranet report collaboration, and mobile consultant computing resources are some examples of how we are challenging the limits of orthodox practices. We will maintain this technology ‘push’ to maximize the value we can offer you.

Excellence in Client Services

At US First Capital, we are passionate about service. We dedicate a single point of contact to ensure that you have full visibility and control of every activity we perform on your behalf. Our portfolio of services combined with our operations methodology and our global resources ensures that all activity is planned, monitored and executed in a fashion that exceeds your expectations. All of the elements of our operations are geared toward rendering a maximum level of service.

Global Coverage

Executive Management

US First Capital's leadership consists of outstanding professionals with diverse backgrounds, deep subject matter expertise and experience in a broad spectrum of industry sectors.

Hi there! My name is

Fred Tannous

Sr. Partner, Managing Director

A seasoned executive that brings over two decades of diverse experience in helping clients move their businesses to the next level of success by developing winning strategies that produce results.

Hi there! My name is

Dominique Laurin

Partner, Sr. Analyst

A passionate leader with honed analytical skills and diverse experience in financial analysis and capital formation committed to assisting clients succeed through creative solutions and focused support.

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Mary Leaveck

Managing Director, Marketing

A dynamic leader, Mary helps builds winning digital strategies for marketing departments as well as action plans for a process to execute both short and long term initiatives that meet key objectives.

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Amina Shah

Managing Director, Biz Dev

As a former Strategic Financial Analyst for Intel Co., Amina brings deep experience in evaluating various aspects of complex transactions and insight in structuring contracts and driving negotiations.

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