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Financial Marketing


Customers and investors seek to buy value, which is always relative. To determine relative value, the people you are selling your product or equity to are going to put you up against your peers, as they define them, and against other opportunities available to them. So, if you don’t position yourself properly, they will position you.

Growing companies seeking access to the capital markets or to be acquired must properly position themselves within their competitive marketplace and as an investment opportunity. The only way to accomplish this effectively is to understand your markets thorough market research. Only then can you package, position and present the value of your company and the investment opportunity in a way that will inspire your audiences to act affirmatively.

Marketing Services

Business Strategy

US First Capital is committed to helping emerging companies develop and implement successful business strategies. For the past two decades, our principals have worked on numerous start-ups and emerging companies on many different aspects of their business, from business planning and capital raising to financial modeling and market research. We leverage our deep entrepreneurial consulting experience to advise private equity and venture capital firms on potential investments and acquisitions. We help private equity and venture capital investors identify, assess and screen potential investments into innovative and high growth companies. Additionally, we provide valuable strategic consulting services to portfolio companies in order to accelerate growth and maximize investors’ return on investment.

Business Plan Development

We believe the business plan provides internal direction, capital planning and explanation to the outside world as to how and why a company will succeed. We work closely with our client to craft business plans with the client’s goals in mind; giving direction to management and employees, capital planning to assure proper resources, and seeking investment. Throughout our engagement, we spend a lot of quality time with management, key personnel, partners and customers to develop a complete sense of strategic direction, core competencies and challenges. With this knowledge, along with our thorough market and industry research, we will help construct or fine-tune a business plan that serves as the foundation for strategic planning, valuation, marketing and communications.

Financial Modeling

US First Capital prepares growing companies to efficiently access the right kind of investors and capital. Instead of designing a one-size-fits-all financing solution, we custom tailor financial strategies and offerings to fit the unique needs and expectations of our clients and we help promote the investment opportunity in a language targeted audiences will understand and appreciate. Our clients utilize our expertise and knowledge of the capital markets and our innovative strategies to increase the likelihood of accessing cheaper and more readily available strategic financing or increase the ability to make strategic acquisitions.

Corporate Identity & Branding

What do current and prospective clients think of your firm when they look at your business card, your brochure, or your website? Does it make them want to do business with you? Your company’s identity and brand are critical in communicating and connecting with current and potential customers and with other constituents such as partners, investors and shareholders. Our corporate identity and branding services focus on establishing identities and brands that support our clients’ long term objectives. Our process for achieving this includes: Analyzing your company’s products and services and current/desired market position; Defining what your company’s brand should stand for; and Assessing your target market, and what decision-making factors, goals and values shape customers in this market.

Business Plans into Opportunities

As one of the cornerstones of our approach, US First Capital conducts extensive and ongoing market and industry research that is used to help properly position the investment opportunity within the scope of the competitive marketplace and to establish relative valuation and merits of the investment opportunity. We dig deep and search wide to establish appropriate market trends, benchmarks and best practices that will support the story that is being told. We also use our findings to help establish and support market value and transaction comparables and to formulate potential valuation measurements, trading multiples, and return scenarios.

Proper industry and corporate brand positioning serves as the platform for developing the message that will attract the right audience. Proper positioning requires good research and understanding of the various competitive marketplaces. Defining and articulating focused, well-positioned vision, direction and objectives will drive commitment, innovation and financial performance on many levels. “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there.” US First Capital will help create the framework for a consistent, compelling and effective corporate message that will turn vision into reality.

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