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Donec cursus ligula ante, non faucibus felis lobortis sed.


Donec cursus ligula ante, non faucibus felis lobortis sed.


Donec cursus ligula ante, non faucibus felis lobortis sed.

welcome to Envor - HTML5/CSS3 Multipurpose Template

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clients testimonials

We wanted to expand our telecommunications company in Istanbul through acquisitions.  USFC helped us identify and conduct the due diligence on several very attractive candidates.  The work they preformed was exceptional.

- Zafer Arikan, Founder & CEO, Istelia Telecom - Istanbul, Turkey

USFC did an incredible job in helping us sell our company.  They were able to re-cast our financials making the appropriate adjustments to increase our valuation by $11 million. They prepared a very thorough and impressive report that was presented to our investment bankers. Thank you US First!

- Pervez Delawalla, CEO, Net Data Centers - Los Angeles, CA

We engaged US First Capital in order to produce a full corporate identity and financing package.  They produced a great product. We were so happy with their services that we maintained a long term engagement.  USFC helped us achieve great things!

- Marco Cornia, CEO, Helvetia Com - Geneve, Switzerland

We were looking to finance 390 million Euros for our urban entertainment center. The financing package prepared by US First Capital was one of the best I have ever seen.  And the additional material that was prepared, like the presentation and informative website were professionally done. Created great impression about our business in front of our banks. 

- Gilberto Sacrati, Owner, Ripresa, s.r.l. - Bologna, Italy

US First Capital provided us with tremendous value. They helped us get a term sheet for an impressive international bank for $39 million to help us expand our metal recycling facility. We could not have done it without them. 

- Bernardo Farruggio, Owner, Farruggio Recycling - Firenze, Italy

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