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Your Comprehensive Solutions Partner

Most boutique investment banks focus solely on corporate finance services and they fail to provide the necessary ‘financial packaging’ that emerging and middle market companies need in order to effectively achieve their growth objectives. We at US First Capital believe that the company’s overall presentation is critical in communicating and connecting with current and potential customers and with other constituents such as partners, investors and shareholders. We bring over two decades of strategic management, financial marketing and investment experience to help businesses succeed. As a fully-integrated business solutions partner:

  • We understand your business because we have consulted with numerous companies in all aspects of their business at all stages of their development;
  • We not only understand corporate finance and how to get deals done in any economic climate, but we also have developed and launched sales and marketing strategies, operations plans, and transacted over $1.2 billion of deal flow; and
  • We have started and built successful businesses and personally experienced many of the same challenges you face on a daily basis.

Our Services

Strategic Advisory

We assist clients in developing creative business and market expansion strategies to secure their competitive advantages.


Financial Marketing

We offer integrated solutions designed to present and position businesses in ways that best attract their targeted audiences.


Capital Sourcing

We draw on relationships with banks, private equity firms, VCs and angel investors to obtain capital for our clients.


Think Outside the Box

The key to any successful enterprise is in understanding customer behavior and needs, anticipating market trends, identifying and fortifying competitive advantages, setting clear goals, and methodically implementing tasks that ultimately lead to achievement of those goals.

The US First Capital team helps bring vision to life by orchestrating fact-based, objective-oriented communications and marketing activities that will expand audiences and interest. With a sense of urgency, we implement outside-the-box thinking, dynamic tools and long-term strategies to produce a comprehensive corporate package and presentation that will inspire targeted audiences and help keep the buzz alive and create loyalty among customers and investors.

Our Partners

Understand the NeedConduct the ResearchPresent the Outcome

ur team conducts an in-depth Q&A session with the executive team and reviews all available data to gain full insight into the business need and to understand the client’s objective. Through primary and/or secondary research, we uncover the precise needs of customers, how these needs are currently being fulfilled, and what is required to better satisfy these customers. We then details the demographic profiles of and assesses the needs of these customers. We answer questions such as:

  • What is the average revenues/income of these customers?.
  • Where are these customers geographically based?.
  • What products or services are these customers currently purchasing to fulfill their needs?
  • What factors drive the decision-making of these customers (e.g., price, service, reliability)?
  • How do these customers make buying decisions (e.g., multiple decision makers, multiple bids)?

rowing companies seeking access to the capital markets or to be acquired must properly position themselves within their competitive marketplace and as an investment opportunity. The only way to accomplish this effectively is to understand your markets through thorough market research. Only then can you package, position and present the value of your company and the investment opportunity in a way that will inspire your audiences to act affirmatively.

As one of the cornerstones of our approach, US First Capital conducts extensive and ongoing market and industry research that is used to help properly position the investment opportunity within the scope of the competitive marketplace and to establish relative valuation and merits of the investment opportunity. We dig deep and search wide to establish appropriate market trends, benchmarks and best practices that will support the story that is being told. We also use our findings to help establish and support market value and transaction comparables and to formulate potential valuation measurements, trading multiples, and return scenarios.


nce the best ideas rise to the top, our team of experts work with clients to create action plans. From developing realistic operational timelines to detailed human resource plans, we create a comprehensive roadmap for clients to follow in order to be successful.

In developing action plans, our team often prepares comprehensive financial models so that clients understand the exact capital requirements needed to succeed. Likewise, we create realistic assumptions regarding product/service sales and costs so that results can be more accurately projected. The financial model and action plan that we develop not only positions clients for success from the start, but they provide an ongoing checkpoint against which the company can gauge its progress.  As needed, US First Capital provides ongoing support to modify our clients’ action plans as market conditions change and/or if existing strategies need to be optimized.


Targets or goals which are easily achievable and which do not require a lot of effort.


To be open and transparent in discussions.


To attend to a task that has been ignored for sometime.


A workplace or situation lacking vision.


To take on a task with an overwhelming or impossible scope.

What Our Clients are Saying

We wanted to expand our telecommunications company in Istanbul through acquisitions.  USFC helped us identify and conduct the due diligence on several very attractive candidates.  The work they preformed...

Zafer Arikan

Founder & CEO, Istelia Telecom - Istanbul, Turkey

USFC did an incredible job in helping us sell our company.  They were able to re-cast our financials making the appropriate adjustments to increase our valuation by $11 million....

Pervez Delawalla

CEO, Net Data Centers - Los Angeles, CA

We engaged US First Capital in order to produce a full corporate identity and financing package.  They produced a great product. We were so happy with their services that...

Marco Cornia

CEO, Helvetia Com - Geneve, Switzerland

We were looking to finance 390 million Euros for our urban entertainment center. The financing package prepared by US First Capital was one of the best I have ever seen....

Gilberto Sacrati

Owner, Ripresa, s.r.l. - Bologna, Italy

US First Capital provided us with tremendous value. They helped us get a term sheet for an impressive international bank for $39 million to help us expand our metal...

Bernardo Farruggio

Owner, Farruggio Recycling - Firenze, Italy