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Strategic Advisory


Our professionals at US First Capital have been advising organizations and senior executives on strategy for over two decades. We provide insights that help our clients achieve exceptional results, and our heritage in shareholder value management is an asset to our clients’ ability to build value.

US First Capital addresses the critical questions facing senior executives and develops blueprints for growth and increased shareholder value. We apply demonstrated insight and expertise to achieve an organization’s business goals, whether that involves realigning overarching corporate strategy, or identifying how individual business units can make the greatest possible contribution to the entire organization.

Advisory Services

Business Unit Strategy

US First Capital provides analysis and perspective on the delicate balance organizations must maintain between driving the overall corporate strategy and allowing individual divisions to proactively address their specific challenges and opportunities. In helping our clients achieve this alignment, we enable companies to ensure that each entity makes the greatest possible contribution to the entire business. Our business unit strategy service offerings include advising on strategic options, untapped growth opportunities, drivers of profitability and value, entry strategy and implementation, and investment support. We also have a robust mergers and acquisitions practice that draws on our strategy consulting expertise.

Corporate Strategy

US First Capital advises companies, their senior executives and boards of directors on driving shareholder value and growth through effective corporate strategies. We help companies develop their strategic planning process, and assess their business units and other holdings in order to optimally allocate resources.  We also help make the organizational structure changes required to achieve these goals amid budget realities. Based on insights gained through decades of experience, we collaborate with clients to develop strategic plans that improve operations and increase shareholder value. Our corporate strategy service offerings include portfolio strategy development, corporate center role analysis, competency assessments and growth path definition.

Shareholder Value Management

US First Capital helps clients focus on long-term value creation. This includes services such as: Business Valuation: we help establish the value of business units or lines of business to understand where value is created and where it is destroyed; Economic Valuation is also utilized to measure the financial impact of different strategic scenarios and market changes on company value; Value-Based Management: we help develop and institute processes that align strategy with value creation, while establishing performance metrics throughout the business and embedding value management capabilities across the organization; and Financial Strategy: where we help create and implement the appropriate capital structure to support company operations. This also includes determining how to finance the company or extract excess cash from the business to enhance shareholder value.

Organizational Strategy

Our research and analysis shows that many strategy implementations can fail to drive organizational alignment and performance in three primary ways. First, strategic ambitions are well understood by senior leadership but poorly translated into choices. Then there’s the fact that real-world conditions change. Finally, implementation efforts often “run out of steam.” It is difficult to maintain a consistent vision and core values, and ensure that behaviors are aligned with strategic goals. Our global team of experts brings extensive experience in delivering complex organizational projects with company-wide implications across a wide range of industries.

Actionable Strategies Deliver Results

Our understanding of market trends and drivers, along with deep industry expertise and analytical firepower, enables us to develop actionable strategies that create measurable long-term value for organizations. We tap our vast knowledge to uncover hidden opportunities and provide the evidence-based analysis executives need to make informed decisions.

We also work with senior executives to establish a framework for sustained innovation and growth. This can be anything from an incremental product enhancement to capitalize on a market opportunity, to a seismic shift in a company’s direction and focus.

Our core capabilities include corporate strategy, business unit strategy, shareholder value management and financial strategy, organizational strategy, the strategic planning process, sustainability strategy, innovation support, and regulatory and policy planning.

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